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Update 7th Nov – We have just passed the 1750 vote mark!

We still need more votes so please keep voting!
Thank you very much indeed to everyone who has already voted for us!

We have applied for a grant from the Aviva Community Fund. We have made it through to the public voting round. Now We Need You!

Your Hackspace Needs You - Lord Kitchener Pointing his finger

Please vote for us: Hitchin Hackspace Community Workshop

Voting is open to anyone who registers with the Aviva Community Fund website. Each registered voter gets 10 votes, and you can use all ten to vote for Hitchin Hackspace. Obviously we’d like it if you did that, but of course there may be other projects you’d like to support too. Please give us as many votes as you can. The more votes we get, the better our chance of securing funding to carry on developing Hitchin Hackspace’s new permanent home.

Voting closes 21st November 2017