Pi Wars week 4: schematics

23rd Oct 2018

Not much progress to show again this week. We’ve again been researching and trying to get our heads around Kalman filters, and have been learning a new software package to design our chassis/pcb.

In every one of our previous Pi Wars entries, we’ve had issues with loose wires causing erratic behaviour at some point. We’ve often wondered if having a pcb made to eliminate¬† much of the wiring would be easier and more reliable. So this year we’re going to try to have as few cables and connectors as possible and mount most components directly to a pcb.

We’ve designed a few small pcbs in the past, but we’ve never been happy with the pcb design software. This week we’ve been learning Diptrace, and now have the beginnings of a schematic to show for it:

We still need to add some components, like the drive motor controllers and connectors for components that won’t be mounted directly to the pcb (like the IMU, batteries, motors etc), then we can move onto routing the actual pcb design

In other news, the cheap encoders have arrived, but we’ve not had chance to test them yet.