Pi Wars 2020 – Three applications from Hitchin Hackspace!

27th May 2021

So, Pi Wars, where were we again?
After almost a year off from Pi Wars blogging (with Hitchin Hackspace distracted by the building refurbishment, now mostly complete, and myself also with heavyweight fighting robots), the Pi Wars activity is ramping up again here.
Hitchin has three applications going in this time, Myself & Rob with a full auto entry again, Martin (@PKM_ibles), the remaining member of the successful Tito team (now entering alone), and a new partnership of Neil and Alistair (aka Team Dangle (!?), @DangleTeam). I think Martin is intending to enter a smaller, cheaper bot than the usual Tito speed machine. Neil & Alistair are working on an interesting dicycle arrangement, with two large wheels and an underslung chassis. Dave, lead man on the Hitchin Hackspace team for many years, has stepped down to help with organising the event.

Pi, VNH5019 motor driver, 'yellow' motors

Martin’s Entry, early days


200mm scooter wheels, belt drive, hanging, moving chassis

Team Dangle’s Dicycle


soldered PCB chassis

Tauradigm’s current state