Making a Hackspace, part 8: insert excuse here

9th Oct 2018

Hello again. Long time no update.

Boarded and ready to paint

In some senses, there hasn’t been much to report. For the last few months, the inside of the building didn’t look much different to how it looked before. We’ve been plasterboarding and jointing and building partition walls, but it’s been a lot of incremental improvements, which paled in comparison to the last update where we literally changed the way the whole building looks.

But then we painted the place, and it looks glorious! We’re currently between coats, so the first coat is mostly up, and it looks brilliant. But it needs a second coat before we move on to fitting out.


More painting

Painted walls and ceiling

Mostly painted walls and ceiling

The toilet is now properly enclosed, with a doorframe into the loo room, and a wall above it. There is wiring in place for the disabled emergency alarm. After it’s painted, we’ll be putting down some floor and fitting it out.

The gap between the office side and workshop side has been shrunk down to double-door size by the addition of a central doorway between the two halves of the building, which has a doorframe and wall above it.

We’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree, and once the painting is done, we have a load of stuff to fit, including a full complement of lighting, the tea-making area (cupboards, worktop, sink, etc), electrics (sockets, trunking), the toilet (sink, toilet, door, accessible handrails…), and air conditioning to keep the place warm in winter and cold in summer.

In other news, we have an official address which can recieve post. We had the address assigned some time ago, but we couldn’t make it “live” without a working letterbox and a number on the building. We now have both of those things. Feel free to pop a few quid in an envelope and send it to us; we can make good use of it.

We have a working postal address. So, naturally, this happened.

In the meantime, as soon as the paint is dry there are a dozen things we can be getting on with all at once, so expect further updates soon. And if you’d like to help out, pop down to Ransoms Rec Pavillion on a Monday evening and say hello.