Making a Hackspace, part 4

5th Sep 2017

Remember the little hole in the wall in part 3?

It got bigger

Large hole in the wall. The toilet block is now unisex.

What’s been happening?

We got the necessary approvals to start knocking down walls, along with some very helpful advice from Building Control on the best way to do it. It turns out that our previous approach of “whack it with a big hammer” is not recommended.

We  now have a (slightly rubble-strewn) doorway between the two sides, largely thanks to one man and his SDS power drill/chisel.

Paul and his mighty tool.

In addition to the doorway between the cistern room and the ladies, which has been mostly opened, we also need to get rid of two-thirds of the wall between the gents and the cistern room, and most of the janitor’s rooms walls.

View from the ladies side to the gents via the new doorway. Work has started to remove the wall on the other side. The wall on the left will also go.

The view from the gents into the ladies. This wall is in the process of being removed.

What’s next?

More wall removal.

And a skip. We really, really need to get rid of some bricks and rubble.

(A more comprehensive list of things we still need to do appears in parts 2 and 3)

Can I help?

As ever, yes please. We would particularly welcome any assistance (financial or an actual skip) with getting rid of the rubble, as well as practical help (ie, moving stuff) when we get something to put the bricks in.

If you’re a metal recycler and can collect, we have some scrap metal (toilet, urinals, sinks, water heater, RSJ, other misc bits) you can have. Similarly, if you want a load of red clay brick to reclaim, and can come and pick it up, contact us.

New members are always welcome; get in touch, or pop along to the build night or monthly pub meet