Hitchin Hackspace and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

From February 24th 2022, the Government has lifted all remaining Coronavirus restrictions.

Monday night open evenings are returning!

When visiting the Hackspace, it is no longer necessary to sign in/out. The contact tracing (QR code) poster will be removed, and the sign-in sheets will be securely destroyed. Please continue to check in/out using the #1-hackspace_check_in channel on Slack; it lets other people know if there’s someone at the Hackspace and gives us an idea of how well-used the space is.

There are no limits on the number of people in the Space at a given time, and there is no requirement to limit the number of people in a particular area. The blue “area marking” tape on the floor will be removed.

Hand sanitiser, wipes, paper towels, etc will continue to be available. Please continue to sanitise protective equipment (eye protection, ear defenders, face shields) before and after use, and wipe down your work area when you’ve finished.
There is a high-volume air filter in the office side of the Hackspace, which should be run while you’re in to remove virus particles from the air (as well as other pollutants such as dust or smoke). If there are several people in the Space, please also run the fans (kitchen, toilet) or open windows to provide ventilation.

For the sake of other Hackspace members, please:

  • Stay away from the Hackspace if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, until you have recovered or tested negative
  • Continue to wear masks in the Space
  • Sanitise your work area, equipment and common touchpoints such as light switches, when you have finished
  • Run the air filter and ventilate the Space

We will review this advice regularly or when the advice from the Government changes. — Management Committee