Hitchin Hackspace have hosted informal talks when interesting people with something to say bump into receptive audiences. These have so far been fun and informative evenings with minimal prep from the speaker. Future talks are now being planned based on the number of people who have registered an interest. Planned talks will appear in the calender on the front page.

If you are interested in hearing a talk, or would be happy to give a talk you think people might be interested in (even if not listed below), please email HitchinHackspace@gmail.com or signup via the Google group here.


 Planned talks:

  • Website development: 8/1/13.
  • Developing for Android: 12/2/13.

Past topics:

  • Introduction to Interpreted Languages (Python, Ruby, Perl etc): 11/12/12.
  • Raspberry Pis
  • 3d printing
  • Arduino


Potential Future Topics

Talk Topic Could give talk Interested in hearing talk
3d design/modelling software MJM APB  SJH  JL
3d printing MJM APB  PAB  JL
Aerial photography PAB  MJM  SJH
Arduinos RB  APB  PAB  SJH  JL
Balancing robots MJM RB  APB  JL
Basic Soldering APB RB
Bat detection
Bluetooth AJ APB  PAB  SJH  JL
Brewing APB  PAB  MJM  RDC
Candle making APB
Composites (carbon fibre) MJM PAB  JL
Developing for android AJ RB  APB  PAB  MJM  RDC  SJH  JL
Developing for IOS RB  SJH  JL
Developing with kinect RB  MJM
Felt making APB
Fire lighting without matches APB APB  MJM  SJH  JL
Flash photography / lighting
Fritzing AJ RB  PAB  MJM  JL
Hacking android tablets AJ APB  PAB  MJM  RDC  JL
How to teach people APB  JL
Inkscape MJM  RDC
Introduction to C MJM  RDC  SJH  JL
Introduction to java MJM  RDC  JL
Introduction to Linux AJ APB  RDC  SJH  AMB
Introduction to python/ruby/perl? RB AJ APB  PAB  MJM  RDC  SJH  JL
IOIO for android APB  PAB  RDC  SJH  JL
Jewellery making
Knots / splicing MJM
Lego mindstorms PAB  MJM
Lock picking APB PAB  MJM  SJH  JL
Metal turning / lathes MJM APB  PAB
Micro controller comparison PAB  SJH
Milling MJM PAB
PCB design software RDC APB  PAB  MJM
PCB etching APB  PAB  MJM
Photography for documentation/websites AJ
Picture framing PAB
Presentation skills APB  PAB
Raspberry pi AJ APB  MJM RDC SJH
Routing (networks) PAB  JL
Routing (woodworking) MJM
Sewing machines APB MJM
Smt soldering RDC MJM
Software development tools PAB MJM SJH
Solving a rubiks cube AJ  MJM  JL
Sources of PCBs MJM
Suppliers of 3d printed parts MJM PAB
Tesla coils /playing with high voltages PAB  MJM  SJH
Uav/RC/autonomous flying craft PAB  JL
Upcycling APB  MJM  RDC
Video editing APB MJM
Website development AJ APB  PAB  MJM  RDC  SJH  JL
Welding PAB
Wine making MJM  RDC
Wood turning PAB