We regularly get asked all sorts of questions and on this page we are going to try to answer as many as we can.

What is the Hackspace about?

Q) What do you do?

A) Hitchin Hackspace’s primary purpose is to provide a workshop to the local community. The intention is to make it possible for local people to gain access to a wide range of tools and equipment which they might not have space for at home or that are too expensive for the average person to have. As well as access to a wide range of equipment and tools we also want to help people learn how to use them. Our motto is “Make, Craft, Invent, Learn” and we want to help people to learn, enhance their skills and knowledge, so that they can make the most of their imagination to create and make new things.

Meetings and Opening

Q) Are you open?

A) We are open again to members. We are now able to hold our weekly Monday Open Evenings again.

Q) When do you meet?

A) Now the Government Restrictions have been removed we can, once more, hold our regular Monday Open Evening where anyone is welcome to come along, meet our members, have a chat and find out more about Hitchin Hackspace, what we do and what facilities we have to offer.
Our regular events are:

EventLocationDate / Time
Monday Open Evening – ARE BACKHitchin Hackspace, 67 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1NJEvery Monday 19:30 to 22:00
Social Night – ARE BACKThe Victoria Public House, : 1 Ickleford Rd, Hitchin SG5 1TJSecond Tuesday of the Month 19:30 – Closing Time

Q) When is the space open?

A) The Hackspace is open to the Public on Monday evenings. See “When do you meet?” above. Members have access to the space whenever they wish currently (24/7).

Q) Can I visit/do you do tours?

A) We are offering people who are interested in joining tours of our Hackspace. Drop us an email at info@hackhitchin.org.uk and we will arrange a tour for you.


Q) How old do you have to be to join Hitchin Hackspace? or Can my child become a member?

A) Currently we are not in a position to have members under 18 years of age. This is because we do not have the resources to facilitate the necessary safeguarding provisions to have unaccompanied young people visit the Hackspace. Young people are welcome to come to the space but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while on the premises. For example a parent or guardian.
Child Protection Policy

Q) How much does membership cost?

A) Hitchin Hackspace is a non-profit organisation. Monthly Membership Subscriptions go directly towards running the space, with any accrued surplus put towards exceptional purchases e.g. equipment (as decided by members) etc. We ask for a minimum subscription of £10 per month. However if you are unwaged we will gladly accept as much of a donation as you can afford. The following are links to our range of monthly subscription plans. We currently use the GoCardless on-line payment service:

Q) What do I get for my membership?

A) You get access to the Hackspace at any time you wish and access to all tools and equipment. Please note that for Health and Safety reasons some tools require special training before members are authorised to use them. A full list of the tools and equipment is availabe on our wiki: https://wiki.hackhitchin.org.uk/index.php?title=Tools

Can you ………… ?

Q) My <insert household gizmo> is broken. Can you fix it for me please?

A) As a Hackspace we are not in a position to offer a repair service. Our purpose is more to provide access to tools and knowledge for members to be able to make, create and invent things for themselves or to enable them to repair things for themselves. If you would like to join the Hackspace we may be able to help you learn how to fix your <insert household gizmo> for yourself. We do, however, work with Plastic Free Hitchin to help run “Repair Cafés”. These are events where the public can bring broken things to the Repair Café and experts will try to help fix or repair the device for you. Usually there are a limited number of bookable slots for the Repair Café. Keep an eye out on our Social media or News page for the dates of the next event. Plastic Free Hitchin can be contacted through the Plastic Free Hitchin Facebook group. Repair Café events are currently run around 4 times a year.

Q) Can you help me make <this exciting new thing> please?

A) We can, or rather we can help you to gain the skills and knowledge to make one for yourself.

Q) Can you make <this thing> for me please?

A) Usually our answer has to be “Sorry, no we can’t.” We aren’t really set up as a manufacturing facility for commissions from the Public. Our aim, as a Hackspace, is to provide a facility for the community to make things for themselves and for people to learn new skills so that they can make things for themselves.

What have you got?

Q) What tools and equipment do you have in the Hackspace?

A) We have a wide range of tools covering many aspects of making, creating and crafting. One of our most popular tools is our Laser Cutter. We have crafting tools, wood working tools, metal working tools, electronics tools, 3d printers, a bean to cup coffee machine, a kettle, tea bags and a tin of biscuits! A full list of the tools and equipment available is on our Wiki Tools Page

How long have you been going?

Q) What is the history of the Hackspace?

A) Hitchin Hackspace was founded in 2012. For a fuller timeline of how we got to where we are today have a look at our History Page

What does the Hackspace look like inside?

If you cant make it to our Monday open evenings and would like to get an idea of what the Hackspace looks like inside we have added a page with a couple of 360 images for you to enjoy.