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Welcome to Hitchin Hackspace

Hitchin Hackspace is a community organisation devoted to providing everyone with a place to explore all kinds of creative technologies and crafts.

UPDATE January 2022: Plan “B” Coronavirus / COVID-19 and Hitchin Hackspace.
Please read our announcement of Hitchin Hackspace’s Policy on Coronavirus /Covid-19


Covid has quite an impact on all of us and has greatly affected peoples routines and the plans for the hackspace. As a result we have not held an AGM for too long. We will be holding our AGM on the evening of Monday 31st January at 20:00. We will be using the Jitsi platform to host the meeting. The link for the session will be published on our Slack channel. If you are a paid up Hackspace member and dont use Slack please email us and we can make sure you get an invite to the Jitsi meeting. The email address is on our Contact Us page.

If you’re not used to it, don’t be put off by the word Hack – as far as we’re concerned, Hacking is creating, improving, solving problems and learning new, (often pointless, occasionally quite useful, always fun) skills. This sort of hacking doesn’t involve stealing Pentagon secrets (Matthew Broderick has a lot to answer for!), or stealing credit card details.

So far, we’ve done fun stuff like building bat detectors, Lego vehicles you drive with your iPad, a 3 foot balancing robot and our finest creation bighak.

So that’s us – if you’re interested in getting involved with any of the projects that we’ve got on, if you’ve got an idea for a killer project that you’d like to share, or even if you want to come along and try your hand at something new, why not get in touch.

In pre-COVID times we would meet:

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have had to suspend our open evenings and social evenings, We hope to be able to restart them in the not too distant future.

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about the space then please do

and we can arrange a visit to the space to show you round.

Make. Craft. Invent. Learn.

We also have a Slack channel which is available to members.

And check out our wiki where we keep a lot of information about the Hackspace.